Hello everyone...
Most of you know me by my developer name, Alorth. Back in January of 2019, I started creating video games as a hobby.

Before I became Alorth I was just a simple guy with an otherwise unremarkable life as a spearfisher, which I was pretty great at.
Fishing was a longtime family business and we'd sell the fish & seafood that we catch to local shops and villages.
I loved diving, too, and this was a normal part of everyday life for me.
While I enjoyed doing this a lot, it wasn't financially viable for my lifestyle and I needed to make a change.

Getting into game development was a pretty big leap for me... and while the idea was rather intimidating, I was very curious and excited about it.
Due to my inexperience things were pretty rocky at the start... but I spent over a year polishing my skills and teaching myself 3D art and Animation.
Because of this, I started getting recognition... and I even landed a few commissions, which is when I first began making animations for other developers!

I'm very glad that I took that first big step and I love doing this, but I'd be lying if I said it was easy.
The work that I do, both for my games and for other developers, comes with a lot of responsibilities and real-life compromises... but I'm getting paid to do something I love, which is pretty amazing.

My main skillset is 3D art and animations. I'm not a particularly good writer, but I'm creative in other ways and put a lot of care into the work that I do, regardless of what it is. I can be extremely picky with the details, and this makes my artistry a time consuming process, but I think the end results speak for themselves.
And I'm not just a visual artist: I do some other creative things in my free-time, such as music production and hand drawn art.
No matter the job or the effort, I continue to push myself to my limits and beyond, forever aiming to improve my skills in the craft, and I'm very appreciative of the opportunity to share it with you all!