Hi I'm Alorth, I started game development on January 2019 as a hobby.
I used to be a simple guy,  with nothing really remarkable except being a great spearfisher.
I used to sell fish and other sea food I caught.
Diving was always part of my ordinary day, and it was something I loved to do.
But due the fact of financial problems, I had to change my life somehow.

Going into game development was a pretty big and scary step for me to take, but I was curious too. I did have a really rough start since I was unexperienced.
After a year of polishing my skills and learning everything necessary, I was finally able to be recognized and started even to work by commissions, making animations for other developers.

I'm really glad I took that big step, but I have to say that it's not easy at all.
I do have a lot of responsibilities and compromises while working not only on my games but also with or for others.

But getting paid for something that I like to do this much is certainly a joy.

My skills are mainly based on artwork and animation, since writing is not something I'm that good at, but I do have a lot of creativity and love to provide for my work.

I'm really picky when it comes to detail and I end up taking sometimes more time than needed. But at the end I think the result speaks for itself.

When I work on something like animation, I always try to cross my own limits, cause I just want to get even better.

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